Words of Wisdom

We are giving valued members of our community in their 80’s, 90’s, and 100’s a voice. Each episode is a step into the past. They share their stories, history and experiences, like growing up in Austria during WWII, playing for General MacArthur’s Band, and leaving home to work in a small arms facility to help the war efforts.

Here's the second half to Betty's story. She talks about her time living in Vienna, Austria while it was being bombed during WWII. Then, fleeing Russian control… WATCH NOW >
Mavis Lage, 96 years old, shares her life experiences from growing up with seven sisters, how she met her husband, and her favorite meals to cook. Words of… WATCH NOW >
Ken Hoehne shares his stories about his family, and the impactful experiences he had saving lives as an EMT. Words of Wisdom 6.3.24 WATCH NOW >
Ken Hoehne shares his stories of growing up without much and his work in construction. Words of Wisdom 5.27.24 WATCH NOW >
6-24-24 - Betty talks about her time living in Vienna, Austria while it was being bombed during WWII. Then, fleeing Russian control after the war and… WATCH NOW >
MarryAnn Teiken, 88 years old, shares stories about raising her 8 children, her various jobs, and her love of knitting. Words of Wisdom 6.10.24 WATCH NOW >
5-20-24 - Evelyn is in memory care, but her love of singing shines through in this episode of Words of Wisdom. WATCH NOW >
5-13-24 - Kenneth Ketter, 87 years old, looks back on his childhood growing up in small town Frazee in the 1940s, his families history in the meat business, and… WATCH NOW >
At age 95, Don Getz has done it all! He shares his story from his family to his long career in the car business, his time served in the Air Force, his artwork,… WATCH NOW >
Audrey Ronning is an inspiration. As a young girl, she went off to work in a munitions factory during WWII. As an adult, she suffered the loss of several… WATCH NOW >
Dottie, 90 years old, shares experiences throughout her life from growing up on a mink farm, her children, starting her own family business with her husband to… WATCH NOW >
Audrey shares her stories of raising 7 boys, being a nurse in a small town, life on the farm, and a touching story about a red purse she gave her sister.… WATCH NOW >
From paratrooper to rabbit farmer and everything in between, Ken, with his fun sense of humor, shares his life journey. Words of Wisdom 4-8-24 WATCH NOW >
4-1-24 - One hundred three year-old, Frances Carlson, shares her story of growing up east of Detroit Lakes, becoming a companion to a former North Dakota… WATCH NOW >
3-25-24 - Meet, 96 year old, Russel Kent! He shares about his life growing up in the country, the war, and meeting the love of his life. WATCH NOW >