Words of Wisdom

We are giving valued members of our community in their 80’s, 90’s, and 100’s a voice. Each episode is a step into the past. They share their stories, history and experiences, like growing up in Austria during WWII, playing for General MacArthur’s Band, and leaving home to work in a small arms facility to help the war efforts.

Audrey shares her stories of raising 7 boys, being a nurse in a small town, life on the farm, and a touching story about a red purse she gave her sister.… WATCH NOW >
From paratrooper to rabbit farmer and everything in between, Ken, with his fun sense of humor, shares his life journey. Words of Wisdom 4-8-24 WATCH NOW >
4-1-24 - One hundred three year-old, Frances Carlson, shares her story of growing up east of Detroit Lakes, becoming a companion to a former North Dakota… WATCH NOW >
3-25-24 - Meet, 96 year old, Russel Kent! He shares about his life growing up in the country, the war, and meeting the love of his life. WATCH NOW >