Vintage TV3

Check some of our old shows and extras that we've aired over the years!

A dietary intern gives seniors some tips on how they can stay healthy in old age. Also, we check out cruises from 2007! Vintage TV3 11.27.23 WATCH NOW >
Travel back to 2014 to see if past future predictions about Becker Conuty turned out to be true and watch an old episode of The Backyard Perham! Vintage TV3… WATCH NOW >
Step back in time to watch an old episode of What's it Worth and see a mock rescue from a car crash. Vintage TV3 11.6.23 WATCH NOW >
Get your time machines ready! Today we go back to 2013 to look at new technology of the time and Cowboys at the shooting range! Vintage TV3 10.30.23 WATCH NOW >
Today we go back to 2007 to check out Shakira's "new" album and to play some golf at the lakes! Vintage TV3 10.23.23 WATCH NOW >
Let's go back to 2010 to learn how to make a Flatbread Clubhouse Sandwhich and see a vintage Most Wanted with police officers in action! Vintage TV3 10 16… WATCH NOW >
Dick Beardsley goes Walleye Fishing in South Dakota on Lake Francis Case. Vintage TV3 10 9 23 WATCH NOW >
Cue the Twilight Zone music! We go back to 2007 and take a look at some Amish furniture, how an air conditioner works, and what some antiques are valued at! WATCH NOW >
9-18-23 We go back to 2008 and our show Celebrate Aging. Hear from 4 residents who were in the 90 plus group. WATCH NOW >
9-11-23 We go back in time to 2008 and the Detroit Lakes 7th and 8th Grade Choir Concert! WATCH NOW >
We travel travel back in time to 2008 and 2007 with High School Highlights and Travel Time. WATCH NOW >
8-28-23 On this Vintage TV3 episode, Mel Manning talks about the common question of "Why does God allow bad things to happen to us?" WATCH NOW >
8-21-23 The video may be old, but the info is still good! Dick Beardsley is out fishing for crappies on this vintage episode of The Fishing Scene. WATCH NOW >
8-14-23 We go WAY back into the archives! Here's an oldie but goodie from the founders of TV3, Doc and Sue Anderson. Enjoy Cooking with Sue and Doc Too! WATCH NOW >
8-7-23 We go back in time to 2006! Watch Inspiring people and our version of Antique Road Show, What's It Worth! WATCH NOW >
7-31-23 Today from Vintage TV3 we watch a show called "Easy Gourmet," and learn the recipe! WATCH NOW >
Vintage TV3 7 24 23 Today’s Vintage TV3 is of “Tastefully Home,” as they show us a recipe! Come watch this footage with us from TV3 in 2004. WATCH NOW >
Vintage TV3 7 17 23 Join us for Vintage TV3 as we watch footage from 2004 of The Frazee News! WATCH NOW >
Vintage TV3 7-10-23 Join us as we watch Vintage TV3 footage, from 2004, as they explore the Washington Square Mall in Detroit Lakes! WATCH NOW >