Vintage TV3

Check some of our old shows and extras that we've aired over the years!

Vintage TV3 4.15.24 Jump back to 2005 to watch an episode of The Fishing Scene with Dick Beardsley! WATCH NOW >
Vintage TV3 4.8.24 Watch an old episode of "For Your Family's Comfort" and "Inspiring People!" WATCH NOW >
Vintage TV3 3.25.24 Edit: These shows are from 2016 and not 2005. WATCH NOW >
Dick takes you through the experience of fishing during a cold front. Vintage TV 3.11.24 WATCH NOW >
Gardo the clown decorates a tiny little Christmas tree and talks with singing puppets! Vintage TV3 2.19.24 WATCH NOW >
Check out an old TV3 extra and an episode of Easy Gourmet! VintageTV3 2.12.24 WATCH NOW >
Antique Cars and Beautiful Lakes Area Photos Vintage TV3 2.5.24 WATCH NOW >
Go back to 2007 to meet Clancy, one of three mercury sniffing dogs in the world! Clancy works with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to detect mercury in… WATCH NOW >
In this weeks Vintage Show we go back to laugh at some TV3 bloopers! Vintage TV3 1.8.24 WATCH NOW >
Check out two old vintage TV3 shows that are no longer airing! Vintage TV3 1.1.24 WATCH NOW >