Talkin' Trash

Sandy from Becker County Environmental Services talks about ways to help our environment.

Sandy goes through a pile of recycling and picks out things that don't belong. Here are some items that you shouldn't recycle. Talkin' Trash 2.5.24 WATCH NOW >
Sandy tells you the best way to get rid of electronics. Make sure to bring them in to your transfer station instead of throwing them in the dumpster! Talkin'… WATCH NOW >
Zach joins Sandy to go over how to recycle your mattress, the dos and don'ts and how bring it into the Becker County Land Use Department. Talkin' Trash… WATCH NOW >
Lisa, from Better Futures Minnesota, joins Sandy to talk about the Reuse Store and the waste diversion program. You can donate to the Reuse Store or come in to… WATCH NOW >