Spotlight on Frazee

Find out what's going on in the community and meet some of your neighbors.

Representatives of the Cornerstone Project and community wrestling camps are on Spotlight on Frazee, to discuss Frazee representation. 7-26-21 WATCH NOW >
This week, on Spotlight on Frazee, Roger talks about everything happening at Backyard Station during Frazee's "double the fun in '21!" 7-19-21 WATCH NOW >
Time to get ready for "double the fun in '21!" 7-12-21 WATCH NOW >
Get ready to attend the 67th annual Frazee Turkey Days in the coming weeks! 7-5-21 WATCH NOW >
Michelle from MAHUBE-OTWA and Brikker at the Frazee Fire hall join Hank, on Spotlight on Frazee, to speak about the opportunities coming up in the area. WATCH NOW >
Tracy Neusser, executive director of Cornerstone, is on Spotlight on Frazee to talk about how YOU can help fund the new community & youth center. 6-7-21 WATCH NOW >
There are some new arrivals to the area! Stick around for Spotlight on Frazee and get to know them a bit better. 5-31-21 WATCH NOW >
Frazee is bringing back the Old Time Variety Dances, at the Frazee Event Center! Be sure to check them all out and enjoy. 5-24-21 WATCH NOW >
Heath Peterson is on Spotlight on Frazee to talk about the expansions happening in town. 5-17-21 WATCH NOW >
Spotlight on Frazee goes into the new Adopt a Park program, with Trisha Jorud. Find out more on how you can volunteer at a park near you! 5-10-21 WATCH NOW >
The Day of Caring will have some changes for 2021. Check them out on this week's Spotlight on Frazee! WATCH NOW >
Brikker Ware gives a look at the new Frazee fire engine, on Spotlight on Frazee. WATCH NOW >
The Frazee LINK Site will be joining the 2021 Summer Learning Experience. 3-29-21 WATCH NOW >
Matt Davis guest stars on this week's Spotlight on Frazee. Hank and Matt talk about how you can help build and maintain the North Country Trail. WATCH NOW >
Hank returns to the Frazee show and catches us up on all the local events. WATCH NOW >