LB Video Production

Looking to expand? Utilize LB Video's great production work to help you build your team! 3-20-23 WATCH NOW >
Mayville knows the importance of a degree in business! To show the need for this step in life, they asked LB Video to shine a spotlight on the offered programs.… WATCH NOW >
A few years ago, LB Video went on a road trip to ask the question, "what fuels you?" One answer we were given was provided by the folks (and feathered friends)… WATCH NOW >
Much like you trust your builders, Herzog Roofing trusted us to build them some audio/visual marketing. Put your trust in LB Video today! 2-27-23 WATCH NOW >
The Perham Boys & Girls Club are here to help families, and LB Video loves to shine the spotlight on those that assist our communities. Work with us today!… WATCH NOW >
LB Video did some great work with Becker County's Public! Presented, is the home nursing program. 2-13-23 WATCH NOW >
Interested in work with LB Video? Here's an example of our work with Mayville's Agribusiness program! - 2-6-23 WATCH NOW >

LB Video Production is a division of TV3. They can do all types of video production, big to small. Here are some samples of their work.