I Didn't Know That

Rayna from TV3 is on a quest to find out things she didn't know...which is a lot!

Learn how to make the best burrito you can at Papacitos Burritos, or just stop by where it can be assembled for you. 3-20-23 WATCH NOW >
This week, Rayna discovers that there's more fun than just skiing to be had Detroit Mountain! 3-13-23 WATCH NOW >
Nichole walks us through the Bridge Pantry's process! 3-6-23 WATCH NOW >
Heidi, of Nature's Embrace Soap Company, shows Rayna how to make her own natural soap! 2-27-23 WATCH NOW >
On this week's episode of 'I Didn't Know That', Rayna meets with the Red Shoe Realtor to see the work that goes into selling a home. 2-20-23 WATCH NOW >