The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule 4.15.24 This week Barry talks about the warnings in the bible and why you should listen to them. WATCH NOW >
The Golden Rule 4.8.24 In Today's edition of The Golden Rule Barry talks about God's precision in everything. WATCH NOW >
Barry talks about his play, "In His Steps" coming this weekend at the Historic Holmes Theatre. He also talks about the courage to talk about God and how to get… WATCH NOW >
Barry delves into more information on the play, "In His Steps," that he is putting on at the Historic Holmes Theatre on April 5th and 6th! The Golden Rule… WATCH NOW >
Barry talks about the virtue of patience, and the delay between God's promise and his provision. God has a plan for you. The Golden Rule 3.18.24 WATCH NOW >
Don't be afraid to make your love for Jesus known. Barry has "Jesus Is Lord" signs for you to put up in your yard to express that! The Golden Rule 3.11.24 WATCH NOW >
Barry talks about the play he is putting on which is adapted from the best selling religious fiction novel, "In His Steps." Come see it at the Holmes Theatre on… WATCH NOW >
Pam Kroulik testifies to her past of abuse and addiction, and how she turned her life to the Lord. The Golden Rule 2.26.24 WATCH NOW >
Barry talks with pastor Steve Aldridge about turning to God to live a better life, and how to go about taking that next step. The Golden Rule 2.19.24 WATCH NOW >
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Dean Kroulik talks about his abuse with alcohol and drugs and how one moment changed his life. The Golden Rule 2.5.24 WATCH NOW >
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Willi Aumbeck, a 90 year old German Man, talks about living in Germany as a child in World War 2, his experience traveling to and working in America, and… WATCH NOW >
The film Parish of the Pines is coming to Detroit Lakes on January 225th at 6PM at the Washington Square Cinema 7. It a FREE showing! The Golden Rule… WATCH NOW >
Barry has signs that you can put in your yard to help spread the word of God through Detroit Lakes. The Golden Rule 1.8.24 WATCH NOW >