The Golden Rule

8-28-23 The best selling book "In His Steps" has been made into play-form and will be coming to Detroit Lakes in April of 2024! Find out how you can… WATCH NOW >
8-21-23 Kathy Oehler talks about the challenges of living and teaching in Japan. WATCH NOW >
8-14-23 Barry talks to Russ Stendal about a new movie that takes place right here in northern Minnesota. It's about how the rowdy lumber camps were tamed by… WATCH NOW >
7-3-23 Barry shares how the Bible went from just some dry words on a page that he had to read, to the God-breathed library of life and love. WATCH NOW >
6-26-23 Barry and Pastor Tim talk about the Feed the 5000 event happening this week at Christian Fellowship Church, Detroit Lakes. All are welcome to the free… WATCH NOW >
When you're figuring out life in early adulthood, be sure to ask God what He wants you to do, and not just what you desire. 6-12-23 WATCH NOW >
6-5-23 Stephen Erb shares his struggle with pornography and how has been freed from that addiction. WATCH NOW >
Joseph joins Barry to talk about his experience with mission work. 5-29-23 WATCH NOW >
Barry is joined by Breanna who tells her of her relationship with God. 5-15-23 WATCH NOW >
Barry & Martha go back to discuss their friendship and the work of God that brought them here. 5-8-23 WATCH NOW >
Barry is solo today and he just wants to focus on the Word of God with you. 5-1-23 WATCH NOW >
Understand the best way to allocate your finances through the veil of God. 4-10-23 WATCH NOW >
Barry dives deeper into the direction of God. 3-27-23 WATCH NOW >
Caleb joins Barry to make connections between one's income and their walk with God. 3-20-23 WATCH NOW >
Marilee is a new face on the program, and she joins Barry this week to explain her path of knowing God. 3-13-23 WATCH NOW >
Tim joins Barry to discuss their friendships through faith. 3-6-23 WATCH NOW >
Barry's excitement in continuing to make Detroit Lakes a beacon of righteousness is met with something great. 2-27-23 WATCH NOW >
Mark is back on the program to talk about the journey with God. 2-20-23 WATCH NOW >
Mark is on the program to delve into his experience as a christian in Detroit Lakes 2-13-23 WATCH NOW >
Danny joins the Golden Rule to talk about his longtime relationship with God. 2-6-23 WATCH NOW >
There are many ways to find the righteous path, but the best way is through the Word of God. 01-30-23 WATCH NOW >
Arlen joins the program to discuss the transition from not being a christian to becoming a minister. 1-16-23 WATCH NOW >
Previously, TV3 had a series called the Walk. Unfortunately, not all testimonies could be shared. View an unshared testimony now! 1-9-23 WATCH NOW >
Barry has a lot of excitement to talk about in this edition of the program. 1-2-23 WATCH NOW >