Backyard Station

Roger and Diane from the Backyard Station in Frazee, MN highlight some cool & interesting giftware product lines and show off good birding products.

Today Roger and Diane show us household tools available to buy at the Backyard Station! Stop by today! Backyard Station 7 31 23 WATCH NOW >
Roger's got his smart hat on, so look out! He is full of knowledge about cast iron pans and how they are not all created equal! Backyard Station 8 7 2 WATCH NOW >
Roger and Diane talk about unique items that you may not have known they sold in the store. Backyard Station 9 4 23 WATCH NOW >
Mother's & Father's Day have both passed, so now it's time to for some fun for yourself! - Backyard Station 6-19-23 WATCH NOW >
Roger and Diane show off the new wind chimes, purses, and Shashibo puzzle/game they have in the store! Backyard Station 8 21 23 WATCH NOW >
Roger & Diane are back indoors and presenting some great products you may not know are being sold so locally. - Backyard Station 5-29-23 WATCH NOW >
Roger and Diane highlight their products that are made locally, statewide, and nationally! #madeintheusa Backyard Station 8 14 23 WATCH NOW >