Backyard Station

Roger and Diane from the Backyard Station in Frazee, MN highlight some cool & interesting giftware product lines and show off good birding products.

Backyard Station 6.10.24 Roger and Diane share some awesome products they have, including Smithey cast iron pots, bird feeders, and more! If you need to find… WATCH NOW >
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When it comes to flowers, Backyard Station has it all! They have quality seeds. begonias, tomato plans, and much more! Come buy some while you still can!… WATCH NOW >
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The announcing of a $100 winner with 5-6 winners left to be announced! Along with more summer fun as we roll into July. Backyard Station 7 10 23 WATCH NOW >
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Roger & Diane are back indoors and presenting some great products you may not know are being sold so locally. - Backyard Station 5-29-23 WATCH NOW >
Roger and Diane highlight their products that are made locally, statewide, and nationally! #madeintheusa Backyard Station 8 14 23 WATCH NOW >