6 Over 60

A show about people living a great life at a great age. We don't have to stop being creative or entrepreneurial once we retire. Here are some examples of people living a great life in the Lakes Area.

Erika talks with Ken and Fran Mattson about the volunteer work they do to maintain the North Country Trail in Detroit Lakes and their work for the Tamarac… WATCH NOW >
Donna, Polly, and Sonya talk with Erika about their quilting group, and how they love donating the things they've made to help others. 6 Over 60 2.12.24 WATCH NOW >
Erika talks with the four members of the High Mileage Quartet, Esther, Janice, Vergil, Judy about their group and their love for singing and community. 6… WATCH NOW >
Lee Kensinger shares his love for photography, what got him started, how patience is a key aspect, and he also gives advice for those interested in starting… WATCH NOW >
Mike Nustad shares what got him interested in beekeeping and how the process works. 6 Over 60 1.22.24 WATCH NOW >
Erika talks with Lawrence Weinrich who has been dancing for over 40 years! He shares some of his favorite dances and why it is special to him. 60 Over 60… WATCH NOW >
Van Holmgren talks about his love for biking and how it has helped him stay healthy. He's biked over 88,000 miles since 1990! 6 Over 60 1.8.24 WATCH NOW >
Evy Springer is still going strong as a 95 year old seamstress who shares her love for her work, her grandkids, and she shares her sowing machine she's had for… WATCH NOW >