6 Over 60

A show about people living a great life at a great age. We don't have to stop being creative or entrepreneurial once we retire. Here are some examples of people living a great life in the Lakes Area.

9-11-23 Erika talks about the series and shares an update about the show and we are looking for more inspiring seniors! WATCH NOW >
Fred has a drive for history and it all stems from a little red book. Check out Fred's story! WATCH NOW >
8-28-23 Deb was retired and overweight, so she decided to find her people...the Wonder Women of the Lakes! WATCH NOW >
8-21-23 When the bat signal lights up the lakes area sky, announcing the need for volunteers, the dynamic duo of Rick and Kathy Michaelson will be there with… WATCH NOW >
8-14-23 You know that old Dwight Yoakam song, "Guitars, Cadillacs"!? Well, this fits our next 6 Over 60, Lewy Ronken. He gives us an inside look at how he… WATCH NOW >
8-7-23 This week we celebrate Patty Derouin and her love for her Scandinavian heritage...doesn't she rock the bunad!? WATCH NOW >
7-31-23 Join Erika as we get a tour of the Grandflower Farm, in Perham, from the founder Jen Hanson! WATCH NOW >