2021 Shows

Lez and Jeff speak on gratefulness and spiritual patience as we round out this challenging year. 12-27-21 WATCH NOW >
As we near 2022, 'tis the season to look back at your time and find gratefulness. 12-20-21 WATCH NOW >
Lez is back to share some words and stories of wisdom. 12-13-21 WATCH NOW >
Lez is back in the kitchen and making yellow cake with homemade frosting. Follow along! 6-14-21 WATCH NOW >
Learn how to cook Lez's homemade chicken & veggie soup along side her. 5-31-21 WATCH NOW >
It's springtime and Lez wants to talk about what she has going on in her heart at this time of the year. 5-24-21 WATCH NOW >
Lez is here, on Universal Interiors, to share from the heart about what she's been feeling. 5-17-21 WATCH NOW >
Bake along with Lez, from Universal Interiors, and get some delicious homemade peanut butter bars! 2-15-21 WATCH NOW >
Lez opens up her thoughts about life in our current time 2-8-21 WATCH NOW >
Lez teaches us her way of baking blueberry muffins! 2-1-21 WATCH NOW >