Spotlight on Frazee 2023

Kai Velde, at the Northern Lights Dance Academy, talks about the dance competition she does with the kids and the Lion Heart Experience show coming up at the… WATCH NOW >
Donate toys to the several drop off boxes all around town in Frazee. Spotlight on Frazee 12.11.23 WATCH NOW >
Karen Pifher, founder of Creating Community Consulting, talks with Hank about the current homelessness and housing situation in Becker County and their plans to… WATCH NOW >
Come visit Frazee this December and take part in A Merry Frazee Christmas! Spotlight on Frazee 11.23.23 WATCH NOW >
Dani Adams, a Native American Education Program Coordinator, in Frazee teaches kids K-12 about Native American culture and history. She tells us about some of… WATCH NOW >
Mrs. Mahoney, teacher of the year, talks a bit about her classroom and the kids sing us a song! Spotlight on Frazee 11.13.23 WATCH NOW >
Heath Peterson, owner of Frazee Family Foods, talks about the store. Come do your Thanksgiving shopping here! Spotlight on Frazee 11.13.23 WATCH NOW >
Hank talks with Lynea Krejce about the fun Halloween parade in Frazee! Spotlight on Frazee 10.23.23 WATCH NOW >
Hank talks with Brikker Ware, a firefighter, about the fire prevention drills with the Frazee elementary students including fire hoses and stop drop and roll.… WATCH NOW >
Shane, a graduate, talks about the painting class he teaches in Frazee and the kids share their work. He can teach anyone to paint! WATCH NOW >
Jason Smith talks about being the new high school principle in Frazee and Mary Kurth tells us about the old time dances she's holding October 17th and November… WATCH NOW >
9-25-23 Eric Schaefer talks about the robotics club at Frazee High School and Mackenzie and Heather share the latest happenings at the Cornerstone Project… WATCH NOW >
The Frazee High School Band is having a fundraiser for a big trip they are taking this spring! And there are more fun events happening with Cornerstone Project!… WATCH NOW >
9-11-23 Hank talks about the many things happening in the Frazee community this week! WATCH NOW >
8-21-23 Kitti talks to a young group of students who have been taking sign language classes through Frazee Community Education! WATCH NOW >
Spotlight on Frazee 7 24 23 Today we talk about upcoming summer events in Frazee. The Frazee Turkey Days are coming soon! WATCH NOW >
Spotlight on Frazee 7 17 23 The Becker Country Soil and Water Conservation district is here today working on annual maintenance for shoreline restoration! WATCH NOW >
Spotlight on Frazee 7-10-23 Join us for Spotlight on Frazee was we talk about summer events, including Turkey Days coming soon! WATCH NOW >
7-3-23 Learn about all of the fun events that will be taking place at Turkeys Days in Frazee this year! WATCH NOW >
Sanders Oil Company in Frazee is being torn down and replaced! Here is a brief history and celebration video of Sanders Oil and the building. WATCH NOW >
Some great community events are coming to Frazee which will provide ample opportunities to meet more neighbors! 6-19-23 WATCH NOW >
Hank talks about the upcoming city-side garage sale in Frazee! 6-5-23 WATCH NOW >
Hank gets together with Stephanie, of the NCTA, and UCB's Ashley to talk about some great community events on the horizon. 5-22-23 WATCH NOW >
Memorial Day is approaching and Frazee VFW Post 7702 is remembering those who fought for us. 5-15-23 WATCH NOW >
The cities of Frazee & Vergas, along with Partnership 4 Health, are once again working together to expand the bike paths in the area. 5-8-23 WATCH NOW >
Cornerstone director, Mackenzie Hamm, joins hank to give an update on the organization's progress. 5-1-23 WATCH NOW >
Mary Kurth joins Spotlight on Frazee to shine light on her balance classes, and to talk about the return of the Old Time Variety Dances! 4-24-23 WATCH NOW >
From preschool registration to driving refreshers, Frazee's community education programs offer a lot of great opportunities for all ages. 4-17-23 WATCH NOW >
Nick Courneya joins Hank to discuss the upcoming Frazee Senior High School student events to watch for. 3-20-23 WATCH NOW >
Have twice the fun on the holiday with Frazee Sportsman's Raffle AND the St. Patrick's Party! 3-6-23 WATCH NOW >
With the Sportsman's raffle and a taste of the wild, Frazee will have some fun in March! 2-20-23 WATCH NOW >
The Cornerstone has made considerable progress and construction is almost complete. Help the youth of Frazee and get involved today! 2-13-23 WATCH NOW >
Hank meets with Dan Pifher, owner of D&K Designs, as he relocates his work in town. 01-30-23 WATCH NOW >
The spotlight is on Student Support Coordinator, Jerry Hanson. Jerry is with FHS to assist Frazee's youth. 1-16-23 WATCH NOW >