Spotlight on Frazee 2022

Holiday season is here in Frazee and now's the time to appreciate the love and charm of a small town Christmas. 12-12-22 WATCH NOW >
Enjoy a festive day of holiday activities! 11-28-22 WATCH NOW >
This week's spotlight is on all the new businesses in town. Welcome to Frazee! 11-21-22 WATCH NOW >
From the GROW Frazee-Vergas Coalition to a celebration for our vets, Frazee has a true sense of community. 11-7-22 WATCH NOW >
Frazee has some fun planned for Halloween weekend- including a parade and a crafts show! 10-24-22 WATCH NOW >
The Hwy 87 project comes to completion with this ribbon cutting! 10-17-22 WATCH NOW >
Come by Frazee High in celebration of the work put in for Project 87! 10-3-22 WATCH NOW >
Enjoy the final warm days in the sun with the Frazee VFW and United Community Bank! 9-19-22 WATCH NOW >
Come by the new pharmacy, in Frazee, and walk a few trails along the NCT afterwards! 9-5-22 WATCH NOW >
Learn how you can help "generate resilient opportunities & well being" in Frazee and Vergas! 8-29-22 WATCH NOW >
Hank meets with both Polly and Kitti to discuss some community orientated programs. 8-22-22 WATCH NOW >
Joan Young will be making her way through Frazee and DL for a night of stories and tips on the North Country Trail. 8-15-22 WATCH NOW >
With new spaces, comes new business. Start yours in Frazee today! 8-1-22 WATCH NOW >
Turkey Days in Frazee is here, and with some changes. Be sure to tune in and see what's been added! 7-25-22 WATCH NOW >
Turkey Days in Frazee offers so much fun, including the ABATE Bike Show and the Tyler Shipman Memorial Car Show! 7-18-22 WATCH NOW >
Get ready to have fun and let loose! From tournaments to pizza, pitchers, & puzzles. You won't want to miss summer in Frazee! 7-11-22 WATCH NOW >
It's almost Turkey Days in Frazee and they need some assistance. Tune in to find out how YOU can be a part of the fun! 7-4-22 WATCH NOW >
Brikker & Tom are on the spotlight to get you ready for some fun events in July! 6-27-22 WATCH NOW >
The Frazee Fire Dept. is having its annual Pancake Feed Fundraiser. Stop by for great food and conversation! Also, stay tuned to find out how YOU can assist… WATCH NOW >
Come by the United Community Bank, in Frazee, for the Hornet Pride BBQ! 6-13-22 WATCH NOW >
Frazee's Neighbor to Neighbor program is looking for volunteers to help them. Seize the moment for a great opportunity to assist your elders. 6-6-22 WATCH NOW >
Get ready for a day of great deals, city travel, and meeting your community. Frazee's city-wide garage sale is nearly here! 5-30-22 WATCH NOW >
Eileen, from the Frazee LINK site, joins hank to present "Summer Storytime!" 5-23-22 WATCH NOW >
Join the community in honoring those who protected our homes and our lives. 5-16-22 WATCH NOW >
The Laurentian Lakes NCT chapter is taking place at the Hoot Owl Resort. Stop by for a fun evening hiking, photographs, auctions and more! 5-9-22 WATCH NOW >
The Spotlight shines on Mary and Heath this week! Be ready to dance all year long, and stay clean the whole time. 4-25-22 WATCH NOW >
Frazee's Day of Caring is approaching and Molly Fairbanks is on to talk about all the work going in and how to get involved. Make sure to give her a call and… WATCH NOW >
Now is your turn to take direct part in the community with Frazee's Business Breakfast and the Fireman's Auction! 4-4-22 WATCH NOW >
Frazee mayor, Ken Miosek, is in the spotlight this week to talk about the new building projects happening in town. 3-28-22 WATCH NOW >
The Spotlight in Frazee turns to Tom Youngs, at Frazee Family Foods! 3-14-22 WATCH NOW >
Looking for some fun? The Frazee Sportsman's Club will be hosting a raffle. Stop by for some great prizes! 2-21-22 WATCH NOW >
Frazee shines its spotlight on the Frazee Elementary School and the wonderful educators! 2-14-22 WATCH NOW >
Saturday, February 5th, is the annual Frazee Sportsman's Club ice fishing derby! You won't want to miss the fun at Eagle Lake. 1-24-22 WATCH NOW >
Kitti, the Frazee community education coordinator, is on Spotlight to discuss the fun community events in 2022. 1-17-22 WATCH NOW >
Frazee shines its spotlight on the Hornet Hive, this week, and the many events happening in the new year. 1-10-22 WATCH NOW >