2021 Shows

Volunteer and assist the local Frazee families with this year's Giving Tree. 12-13-21 WATCH NOW >
This week, in Frazee, starts the Christmas celebrations in Frazee! From the snow plow parade, crafts, and vendor shows to nativity scenes, karaoke, and more!… WATCH NOW >
11 15 21 Heath from Frazee Fmaily foods talks about Thanksgiving and the new laundromat coming to Frazee! WATCH NOW >
The Cornerstone project and the Frazee Senior High School are working together to help and uplift the youth of Frazee. Make sure to attend the first… WATCH NOW >
Halloween is coming to Frazee! Meet Spotlight on Frazee's guests to get your calendars marked for the big weekend. 10-25-21 WATCH NOW >
This week, in Frazee, we turn the spotlight to fellow Frazee teacher and coach: Jim Rader. 10-11-21 WATCH NOW >
LeeAnn Felix, the Positive Community Grant Coordinator, is with Hank to discuss furthering the Frazee community. 10-4-21 WATCH NOW >
Nick, at the Frazee Senior High School, is on Spotlight on Frazee to discuss the happenings coming soon! 9-27-21 WATCH NOW >
On this week's Spotlight on Frazee, Hank and Jordin talk about the upcoming Frazee Community Gathering. This meeting allows you to brainstorm with and meet… WATCH NOW >
This week's Spotlight on Frazee takes us on a tour of the City of Frazee's new Water Treatment Facility. 9-13-21 WATCH NOW >
Hank meets with Heath, at Frazee Family Foods, along with Ta & Autumn, at the Frazee High School, to talk about community events happening as we near the end of… WATCH NOW >
Relive the ribbon cutting ceremony, for the Heartland Trail Extension, just outside of Frazee! 8-16-21 WATCH NOW >
Hank and Brikker are getting ready for the annual Frazee corn feed! Come get your corn, help shuck, and get involved! 8-9-21 WATCH NOW >
Hank meets with DNR Loon Surveyor on this week's Spotlight on Frazee. 8-2-21 WATCH NOW >
Representatives of the Cornerstone Project and community wrestling camps are on Spotlight on Frazee, to discuss Frazee representation. 7-26-21 WATCH NOW >
This week, on Spotlight on Frazee, Roger talks about everything happening at Backyard Station during Frazee's "double the fun in '21!" 7-19-21 WATCH NOW >
Time to get ready for "double the fun in '21!" 7-12-21 WATCH NOW >
Get ready to attend the 67th annual Frazee Turkey Days in the coming weeks! 7-5-21 WATCH NOW >
Michelle from MAHUBE-OTWA and Brikker at the Frazee Fire hall join Hank, on Spotlight on Frazee, to speak about the opportunities coming up in the area. WATCH NOW >
Tracy Neusser, executive director of Cornerstone, is on Spotlight on Frazee to talk about how YOU can help fund the new community & youth center. 6-7-21 WATCH NOW >
There are some new arrivals to the area! Stick around for Spotlight on Frazee and get to know them a bit better. 5-31-21 WATCH NOW >
Frazee is bringing back the Old Time Variety Dances, at the Frazee Event Center! Be sure to check them all out and enjoy. 5-24-21 WATCH NOW >
Heath Peterson is on Spotlight on Frazee to talk about the expansions happening in town. 5-17-21 WATCH NOW >
Spotlight on Frazee goes into the new Adopt a Park program, with Trisha Jorud. Find out more on how you can volunteer at a park near you! 5-10-21 WATCH NOW >
The Day of Caring will have some changes for 2021. Check them out on this week's Spotlight on Frazee! WATCH NOW >
Brikker Ware gives a look at the new Frazee fire engine, on Spotlight on Frazee. WATCH NOW >
The Frazee LINK Site will be joining the 2021 Summer Learning Experience. 3-29-21 WATCH NOW >
Matt Davis guest stars on this week's Spotlight on Frazee. Hank and Matt talk about how you can help build and maintain the North Country Trail. WATCH NOW >
Hank returns to the Frazee show and catches us up on all the local events. WATCH NOW >