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Roger and Diane show some new merchandise coming in at The BackYard Station that you can buy when the store opens back up in April! Backyard Station… WATCH NOW >
Roger and Diane share some possible Christmas gifts for you to buy, as well as their continuing knife sale. The BackYard Station closes December 23rd, so get in… WATCH NOW >
Come do your Christmas shopping at Backyard Station! They have an amazing selection of gifts to buy for your loved ones including high quality steak knifes,… WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station is open for another 9 days, so come do your Christmas shopping soon! There's everything you need from pots, cast iron pans, bird feeders,… WATCH NOW >
Roger and Diane talk about a sweet deal they have this coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You get 22% off for shopping with them for 22 years! Backyard… WATCH NOW >
Today Roger and Diane talk about their ongoing knife sale. Come get a steak knife set, a block set, and knife sharpener for a good deal this November 24th and… WATCH NOW >
Roger and Diane share some beautiful and colorful purses, as well as some WellnessMats made right here in the U.S. They also have a couple new soaps in, so come… WATCH NOW >
Roger and Diane share a variety of items including sturdy canes with a really nice patterned wooden handle, dusters, can openers and more! Also, Roger got… WATCH NOW >
Come to Backyard Station to pick up a special high quality Rada knife! The sale is November 2nd through the 4th only! Backyard Station 10.30.23 WATCH NOW >
Roger and Diane show off a plethora of new merchandise at Backyard Station including meat thermometers, water bottles, cookware, and tons more! Backyard… WATCH NOW >
Need a bird feeder? Head on over to Backyard Station to grab one! Backyard Station 10 16 23 WATCH NOW >
Heidi shares her new hornets soap and Diane shows off some handy Hideaway Packable Sling backpacks. WATCH NOW >
Roger and Diane share some items at Backyard Station including a new card game, bird feeders, and honey Roger harvested himself. There's only 40 jars and once… WATCH NOW >
9-11-23 Roger and Diane are in the garden center...yes, the garden center in the Fall!! They have beautiful flowers available and the outdoor furniture to go… WATCH NOW >
Roger and Diane talk about unique items that you may not have known they sold in the store. WATCH NOW >
8-28-23 See the Shashibo shape shifting box in action and see why Smithey cast iron is a must have! WATCH NOW >
8-21-23 Roger and Diane show off the new wind chimes, purses, and Shashibo puzzle/game they have in the store! WATCH NOW >
8-14-23 Roger and Diane highlight their products that are made locally, statewide, and nationally! WATCH NOW >
8-7-23 Roger's got his smart hat on, so look out! He is full of knowledge about cast iron pans and how they are not all created equal! WATCH NOW >
7-31-23 Today Roger and Diane show us household tools available to buy at the Backyard Station! Stop by today! WATCH NOW >
Backyard Station 7 24 23 Today we get to see some cool, summer merchandise! These summer items from the Backyard Station will come in handy! WATCH NOW >
Backyard Station 7 17 23 Today on the Backyard Station we meet a guest! Natures Embrace Soap Company will now be selling soap in the Backyard Station! WATCH NOW >
Backyard Station 7-10-23 The announcing of a $100 winner with 5-6 winners left to be announced! Along with more summer fun as we roll into July. WATCH NOW >
7-3-23 Spice up your campfire, keep the bugs away, and show your spirit with these must-have summer products from the The BackYard Station! WATCH NOW >
6-26-23 Roger and Diane show off some of their favorite bird feeders that can withstand wind, rain...and squirrels! WATCH NOW >
Mother's & Father's Day have both passed, so now it's time to for some fun for yourself! 6-19-23 WATCH NOW >
Father's Day is here and the Backyard Station has everything he could want! 6-12-23 WATCH NOW >
6-5-23 Roger and Diane shows off their wonderful baking pans, coffee mech, and other fun things for summer! WATCH NOW >
Roger & Diane are back indoors and presenting some great products you may not know are being sold so locally. 5-29-23 WATCH NOW >
After this week, Roger & Diane are back in the station. Make sure to get any remaining flowers and veggies you can! 5-22-23 WATCH NOW >
The Garden Center at the Backyard Station sells out FAST. Make you stop in while can! 5-15-23 WATCH NOW >
The Garden Center at the Backyard Station is finally open for the season! 5-8-23 WATCH NOW >
With Mother's Day almost here, why not stop at The Backyard Station for something she'd really love?! 5-1-23 WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station is back for the season! Come in to welcome them back, and do some shopping while you're there WATCH NOW >
Come by The BackYard Station for their wide selection of Wellness Mats, and more! 4-17-23 (RERUN 9-5-22) WATCH NOW >
Autumn is right around the corner and The Backyard Station has everything you want for the crisp season. 4-10-23 (RERUN 8-22-22) WATCH NOW >
4-3-23 • RR Aug 2022 WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station decided to dedicate this episode on the items less well known that they offer. Find your new favorite purchase! 3-27-23 (RERUN 8-8-22) WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station returns! 3-20-23 WATCH NOW >
Roger is back with some new smarts and merch! 3-13-23 (RERUN 7-25-22) WATCH NOW >
Roger is out, so with that opening, Rayna gets to show off some of her favorite products at the Backyard Station. 3-6-23 (RERUN 7-18-22) WATCH NOW >
With Roger gone, Diane has the opportunity to show off her favorite products from the Station. 2-27-23 (RERUN 6-27-22) WATCH NOW >
The Station has what you need for your bird houses and more! 2-20-23 (RERUN 6-20-22) WATCH NOW >
Make sure to stop in the Station for your Community Club tickets and check out all the fun merch while you're at it! 2-13-23 (RERUN 6-13-22) WATCH NOW >
The Station never runs out of fun. Be sure to stop by to join in! 2-6-23 (RERUN 6-6-22) WATCH NOW >
You don't need all the extra smarts to see the great products, and their just as good deals, at the Station. 01-30-23 (RERUN 5-30-22) WATCH NOW >
1-23-23 - RR 5-23-22 WATCH NOW >
The flowers are flying of the Garden Center shelves at The Backyard Station! 1-16-23 (RERUN 5-16-22) WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station's garden center is open! Come get your plants while you can. - 1-9-23 (RERUN 5-9-22) WATCH NOW >