Backyard Station 2022

The Backyard Station is back and running! - (RR 4-25-22) 12-26-22 WATCH NOW >
Roger & Diane say their thanks for a great year and board up The BackYard Station until next year. 12-19-22 WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station is almost out for the season. Stop by for some final holiday shopping deals! 12-12-22 WATCH NOW >
Christmas is right around the corner and the Backyard Station will be out for the season very soon. Be sure to get your holiday shopping done! 12-5-22 WATCH NOW >
With the snowplow parade in town, the Backyard Station will have a have a shorter week. However, the 21% off sale will make up for it! 11-28-22 WATCH NOW >
Going into the Christmas season, The BackYard Station truly has something for everybody! 11-21-22 WATCH NOW >
The year may be getting old, but The Backyard Station has a ton of new products! 11-14-22 WATCH NOW >
Sure, Christmas is coming up, but how about those Vikings?! Get some Vikes merch while holiday shopping at the Backyard Station. 11-7-22 WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station has a fun new product: shape-shifting boxes! 10-31-22 WATCH NOW >
This week The Backyard Station gives their spotlight to the gals from the Frazee Lions Club, to promote some fun! 10-24-22 WATCH NOW >
It's mid-October and holiday season will be here before you know it! 10-17-22 WATCH NOW >
The season of giving is right around the corner, and what better time is there to gift a personal/customizable piece of great furniture?! 10-10-22 WATCH NOW >
Winter is coming, so The Backyard Station is talking winter products. 10-3-22 WATCH NOW >
Roger is back from Texas with some new items he saw in his travels! 9-26-22 WATCH NOW >
David is a new restaurant owner in Frazee! Make sure to stop by and say "hi!" 9-19-22 WATCH NOW >
Come by The BackYard Station for their wide selection of Wellness Mats, and more! 9-5-22 WATCH NOW >
After a decade-long dry spell, The BackYard Station has a winner! 8-29-22 WATCH NOW >
Autumn is right around the corner and The BackYard Station has everything you want for the crisp season. 8-22-22 WATCH NOW >
The BackYard Station has great prices for everything, but especially this 10-piece cooking set! 8-15-22 WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station decided to dedicate this episode on the items less well known that they offer. Find your new favorite purchase! 8-8-22 WATCH NOW >
Roger is back with some new smarts and merch! 7-25-22 WATCH NOW >
Roger is out, so with that opening, Rayna gets to show off some of her favorite products at the Backyard Station. 7-18-22 WATCH NOW >
Stop by The BackYard Station for a story you won't believe (and get some merch while you're there too)! 7-4-22 WATCH NOW >
With Roger gone, Diane has the opportunity to show off her favorite products from the Station. 6-27-22 WATCH NOW >
The Station has what you need for your bird houses and more! 6-20-22 WATCH NOW >
Stop by the DLCCC for all your summer fun! 6-20-22 WATCH NOW >
Make sure to stop in the Station for your Community Club tickets and check out all the fun merch while you're at it! 6-13-22 WATCH NOW >
The Station never runs out of fun. Be sure to stop by to join in! 6-6-22 WATCH NOW >
You don't need all the extra smarts to see the great products, and their just as good deals, at the Station. 5-30-22 WATCH NOW >
Roger and Diane go over some new merchandise that they're excited for you to check out! 5-23-22 WATCH NOW >
The flowers are flying of the Garden Center shelves at The Backyard Station! 5-16-22 WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station's garden center is open! Come get your plants while you can. 5-9-22 WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station is back and running! 4-25-22 WATCH NOW >
Stop into the Backyard Station to see their "unusual mix" of merchandise! 7-26-21 (RR) WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station will be treating everyone with fantastic sales during Frazee's Turkey Days! 7-19-21 (RR) WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station has so much merch that it can't fit into one show. 7-12-21 (RR) WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station has everything you can think of help out your day. 7-5-21 (RR) WATCH NOW >
Feel some nostalgia by getting a custom mini home made from the old Frazee Post Office. 6-28-21 (RR) WATCH NOW >
Make some music at home with The Backyard Station's wind chimes. 6-21-21 (RR) WATCH NOW >
Check out all of the Backyard Station's made in USA products! 6-14-21 (RR) WATCH NOW >
It's grilling season and The Backyard Station has you covered! 6-7-21 (RR) WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station has all your bird watching and bird feeding needs. 5-31-21 (RR) WATCH NOW >
Come in to The BackYard Station for all their plants and flowers before they're gone! 5-24-21 RR WATCH NOW >
Get down to the garden center for all the unique plants while they're still in stock! 5-17-21 (RR) WATCH NOW >
The Garden Center is officially open at The Backyard Station! - 5-10-21 (RR) WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station has all your outdoor, home-good needs! 5-3-21 (RR) WATCH NOW >