2021 Shows

Roger & Diane, at the Backyard Station, are signing off. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! 12-20-21 WATCH NOW >
This is the last week of the year to stop into The BackYard Station! Make sure to get all your holiday gifts while you can. 12-13-21 WATCH NOW >
Time is almost up on the shopping season. Get into The BackYard Station before they close for the season! 12-6-21 WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station has all their Christmas stock out! Get in while you can and while supplies last. 11-29-21 WATCH NOW >
Remember to shop locally this holiday season! The Backyard Station has it all. 11-22-21 WATCH NOW >
11-15-21 Roger and Diane talk about some of the fun family games they have at the store (and make great Christmas gifts) and highlight some of the press pots… WATCH NOW >
The BackYard Station gives some more local shopping ideas for Christmas. 11-8-21 WATCH NOW >
Shop locally at The Backyard Station when you begin your holiday shopping! 11-1-21 WATCH NOW >
There wasn't enough time in one day to show all the products Roger brought back from market! 10-25-21 WATCH NOW >
Roger came back from Market and is here to show you everything The BackYard Station now has! 10-18-21 WATCH NOW >
As the temperature starts to dip, start to prepare your bird feeders for the coming months. 9-27-21 WATCH NOW >
The BackYard Station has all your kitchen needs and wants. Come in and check them out! 9-20-21 WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station shows off some products that may have slipped your mind. Come in check it all out! 9-13-21 WATCH NOW >
The recent rain has rejuvenated the Backyard Station's flowers! 9-6-21 WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station has all the variety you need, and is always well organized WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station is full of Brumate stock. 8-23-21 WATCH NOW >
Rayna, from TV3, is on Backyard Station to show off the stuff she buys and recommends. 8-16-21 WATCH NOW >
Get into a new style of cooking with different cook books offered at the Backyard Station 8-9-21 WATCH NOW >
Come in for the La-Tee-Da sale! 8-2-21 WATCH NOW >
Stop into the Backyard Station to see their "unusual mix" of merchandise! 7-26-21 WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station will be treating everyone with fantastic sales during Frazee's Turkey Days! 7-19-21 WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station has so much merch that it can't fit into one show. - 7-12-21 WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station has everything you can think of help out your day. 7-5-21 WATCH NOW >
Feel some nostalgia by getting a custom mini home made from the old Frazee Post Office. 6-28-21 WATCH NOW >
Make some music at home with The Backyard Station's wind chimes. 6-21-21 WATCH NOW >
Check out all of the Backyard Station's made in USA products! 6-14-21 WATCH NOW >
It's grilling season and The BackYard Station has you covered! 6-7-21 WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station has all your bird watching and bird feeding needs. 5-31-21 WATCH NOW >
Come in to The BackYard Station for all their plants and flowers before they're gone! 5-24-21 WATCH NOW >
Get down to the garden center for all the unique plants while they're still in stock! 5-17-21 WATCH NOW >
The Garden Center is officially open at The Backyard Station! 5-10-21 WATCH NOW >
The Backyard Station has all your outdoor, home-good needs! 5-3-21 WATCH NOW >
Roger and Diane are back at the Station, and so should you! 4-26-21 WATCH NOW >
Roger & Diane are getting ready to open The BackYard Station soon! 4-12-21 WATCH NOW >
Roger & Diane talk about all the stock that Roger got during break. - 3-29-21 WATCH NOW >
Roger and Diane catch us up with them and the Station. WATCH NOW >
The Station has all your Water Carnival want and needs this year! 3-15-21 (7-20-20 Rerun) WATCH NOW >
Roger, Diane, and more will have some events for Turkey Day in Frazee! 3-8-21 (7-13-20 Rerun) WATCH NOW >
Check out all the U.S.A. made products at the station! 3-1-21 (7-6-20 Reruns) WATCH NOW >
The Station sells only made in the USA products 2-22-21 (6-29-20 Rerun) WATCH NOW >
Get all your bird feeders and feeding accessories at the station! 2-15-21 WATCH NOW >
Check out all the YETI merch offered at the Station! 2-8-21 (6-15-20 Rerun) WATCH NOW >
Check out the new variety of chairs offered at the Station Backyard Station 2-1-21 (6-8-20 Rerun) WATCH NOW >
1-18-21 (5-25-20 Rerun) WATCH NOW >
1-11-21 (5-18-20 Rerun) WATCH NOW >